Local Economy Innovations

New Ways to Fund the Common Good

Tuesday, April 25 – 7pm

Goshen identifies itself as a community that values the common good.  As businesses, organizations, churches, and individuals, we’ve sought to translate these values into activities and initiatives that make Goshen a great place to live.  Whether the corresponding needs and opportunities we choose to address are social or economic, civic or entrepreneurial, there’s a need for new tools and innovations that generate and pool capital from the bottom up (not just from the top down).  

Tuesday, April 25 – 7pm

at the Salon

213 South Main Street

West entrance (enter from west parking lot off 3rd Street, between the entrances to Better World Books and to Back Alley Brewery and Art House

Please join us for a presentation and conversation exploring several emerging options for funding the common good, and new ways of thinking about our local economy.

The conversation will be fueled by four overarching questions:

How do we help money circulate more effectively in economic “loops” among local businesses?

How do we free up more capital to fund local businesses and initiatives?

How can we support more democratic participation and control over our local economy?

How can we help fund the common good and get money to where it’s needed most?

We’re excited to feature two emerging tools that demonstrate the creative potential we have available:

Common Good Card

A new local payment system that uses local transactions to generate a community fund to reinvest in Goshen

Goshen Funded

A dynamic local crowdfunding platform tailor-made to support creative fundraising in Goshen

The event will highlight a few systems that address these questions in inspiring ways, promoting a sense of abundant innovation creating positive economic change around the world and close to home.

Examples of Past and Present Local Economic Innovations

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