Building and leveraging capacity for collective change

The Community Resilience Guild supports networks of organizations and individuals working to build a more resilient community.



Making community systems and resources more visible by “connecting the dots”.


Leading processes of participatory action research to identify and articulate current challenges.

Network Building

Convening stakeholders and providing backbone support for collaboration on systemic issues.

Capacity Building

Providing tools, trainings, and opportunities to empower individuals and organizations.


Designing events and processes for bringing together stakeholders to explore possibilities for networking and collaboration.

Prototyping Labs

Supporting new initiatives by providing “sandboxes” for innovation, collaboration, and exploration.

Connecting the Dots

We produce reports and resource guides to make local programs, assets, and opportunities more visible and accessible.

Helping systems see themselves

We facilitate processes and design events to increase collective awareness and develop shared understandings of community systems.

Community Resilience

“Resilience is the ability of a system (like a community) to absorb disturbance and still retain basic function and structure. Building resilience means intentionally guiding the system’s process of adaptation in an attempt to preserve some qualities and allow others to fade away, all while retaining the essence—or “identity”—of the system.”

Six Foundations of Community Resilience Building

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