Community Resilience Guild Internships

As a small non-profit, the Community Resilience Guild is well positioned for Goshen College Students of any discipline to quickly plug in and start doing meaningful work in the community. The Community Resilience Guild offers flexible internships that are shaped by the student’s interests and passions and allows them to work across traditional disciplinary boundaries. Internships are offered in the following areas.

Database Development

The CRG is pulling the community’s resources together into one accessible database of stories, information, programs, and assets. Building this Goshen-wide database is a challenging and creative project that offers valuable hands-on work.


There is always more to learn about our community. Whether the intern is interested in climate change, energy, local economies, foodsheds, community gardens, immigration, justice, arts, or something else, there are opportunities to research how current activities, perspectives, and resources are shaping the overall context. 

Community Asset Mapping

How do we make sense of what’s going on in Goshen? Interns can with us to gather content and design concept maps to better interpret and communicate different trends in Goshen from a systems-level view.

Web Development

A community as innovative as Goshen deserves an equally innovative website to share what’s happening. This is a chance to design a new type of web-page that revolves around long-form content, various media types, interactivity, and accessibility.

Graphic Design


The CRG and its partners are always in need of graphic design work. Some possible projects include: logo design, letterheads, flyers, layout, web page design, and template building for brochures, newsletters, and reports.

History or Journalism

Goshen has a wealth of content, but few curators to gather these diverse pieces of information and weave them together into a broader narrative. Possible projects could focus on a multitude of topics, where the only real limit is creativity.

Are you interested in the CRG internship program? You can click here to learn more.

To apply for a CRG Internship, please fill out the application below and we will get back to you soon.
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